Saturday, November 7, 2009

A revolution in straw - staying in elands bay

We recently spent the most beautiful weekend in winter in Elands Bay on the west coast. And whilst I share this with some reticence (Elands Bay can do without a stampede) I do think that sharing our hideaway (join the strawrevolution at one boom straat elands bay) is something anyone who appreciates anything built sustainably will appreciate!

The tranquil courtyard of the strawbale home forms a perfectly shaded nook at most times of the day, and a star-gazing sanctuary in the evenings. And the outdoor-yet-indoor shower and bathroom are an unexpected delight. The bedrooms lead off the courtyard almost stable-style, which is most unusual, and they're comfy, cool and simply designed...

Our strawbale experience was one we would repeat at the drop of a hat and one which left each of us with a renewed sense of abandon and joy at the unanticipated beauty of the weekend.

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